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What we really need to keep the stink going is more film for the shop. Guys in LA have a chance to pitch in now...


A FilthyLeviStud Porn Marathon

It's been a year now FilthyLeviStud has been Resting In Piss.

Filthy bequeathed all his private porn to the steward of manscat. Bless his dirty brown soul!

We had a buddy pick them up at the time, then Smokeout was upon us, then we thought we had them covered then... you know how it goes.

Time for action. We'll pass on Smokeout this year and spend a week in LA to see what we can convert, capture, salvage and upload.

We have a bungalow in Ladera Heights across from the park.

There is always room for plenty to go wrong. What if we came back with no film at all?

Out with the old, in with the new...


Boys in LA, we need your help

A local to grab towels and sheets from a thrift store, plastic and masking tape from Homo Depot. Save us running around, be our gopher?

High quality HI8 and VHS players? An extra TV? A small rim chair?

We're hedging our bets. If the shit Filthy left us is is not salvagable, we'd like to come home with a consolation prize.

Be the prize. We're not gonna out you. Drop by, say hello, catch some 80s porn and reminisce with us about a kinder gentler time.

Drop your pants and show us the goods. Be part of The LA Confidential Compilation

If that doesn't work for you, then how about playing with a young Skater Boy from Chicago. Staying with us for the duration.

Don't tell us you never wanted to eat shit from a dude with bunnies on his T shirt.


Still shitting here

A film trip always slows us down. Please be patient with support and website issues. We may be in the air at times.

The next generation of brownhanky is underway. We finally made good on our promise to rescue the manscat video library.

Finally we can have one website for all devices. It will operate very similar to most tube sites. Should look and feel familiar.

Still much to do, and too soon to talk about when it will be open for the unwashed masses.

Looking forward to increased security and our first streaming engine.